How to Transform a Home Party Room

Whether your family’s entertaining style is casual or formal, having a home kids party game idea offers flexibility for many types of social gatherings. When building or remodeling, a top choice for a home party room is a dining room, living room or additional den.

Movable furniture allows you to change the layout for each occasion. Lighting and windows are key elements for creating an inviting atmosphere.

Decorate the Walls

Many people build and remodel their homes to include a party room as part of the living or dining space, second den, or gathering area. The key is to create a room that will also serve your family’s daily lives when not being used for parties.

The entryway is the first thing your guests will see, and it’s a chance to impress them with a fun display that sets the mood for the rest of the room. Hanging decorations from the wall is always a good idea, but be careful of painted walls. Tape can damage them unless you use a special, low-tack adhesive.

If you’re going for a simple look, candles can be a great choice. They’re inexpensive and easy to work with, and they can add a romantic ambiance for an intimate occasion or a whimsical feel when used in groups around the room.

Add Balloons

A room full of balloons can instantly transform a space. They are the perfect way to add a fun pop of color, and they complement any theme. For a truly festive look, try mixing latex and specialty foil balloons.

Consider creating a balloon arch to serve as an entranceway, a backdrop for photos, or a focal point in your party space. You can even attach balloons to the ceiling in a strip to create a ceiling canopy.

Another creative way to use balloons is by having a balloon artist at the party. A balloon artist can make a variety of different animals and shapes for the children to play with or hold in photos. This is also a great way to keep the kids entertained during the event.

String Lights

Lights can make a big impact and create a magical feeling. Adding string lights to your room is an easy way to transform it for a party. You can find lights in a wide variety of colors and even some that change from one color to the next. There are also strands with different lighting modes, such as flashing, slow glow and twinkle.

Hang your lights with a staple gun instead of nails to minimize the damage done to your walls. If you’re not comfortable using a staple gun, tacks are an alternative.

Consider creating an accent wall with photos that light up or a message board with custom words or drawings. This glimmering wall adds an extra element to the room and makes for a wonderful photo backdrop.

Add Accessories

Many families build or remodel their homes to include a home kids party game idea. It may be a dining room, living area or an additional den. Regardless of the room choice it is important to consider how the space will serve your family on a daily basis, as well as for entertaining guests.

The amount of windows in the room, environmental control (such as air conditioning or heating) and seating should be considered carefully. Consideration should also be given to the color choices of furniture, pillows, pictures and accessories that can easily change for different themes and parties.

When arranging accessories, try to avoid symmetry. Too much symmetry can induce a snooze fest faster than Grandpa Larry’s stories. Group small accessories in odd numbers, and use large items sparingly.

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