How to Decorate a Party Room

If you’re planning on opening a Party Room business, start with a detailed business plan to ensure your success. This will allow you to identify your target audience, select the right location for high visibility and accessibility, obtain necessary permits and licenses, and design a well-organized space that meets customer needs.

Decorate the Walls

The walls in a Party Room are the backdrop for the fun, so decorate them to make the theme stand out. For example, hang photos of friends or family members for a birthday party. Or, for a romantic candlelit theme, use small scraps of ribbon to create a fun garland to go across the walls.

Consider hanging streamers from the ceiling to add more color and whimsy to the room. They can be hung straight or twisted for a spiral effect.

Many homeowners have a separate room in their house that they use as their party space. It may be a living room, dining room, recreation room or additional den. Whether it is formal or casual, the room should have plenty of windows for light and environmental control.

Add Balloons

If your home’s layout allows it, designating a space as the Party Room can give you flexibility when entertaining. The space should be large enough to accommodate guests, yet still feel intimate when inviting a small group of friends for drinks or dinner. If you’re remodeling, frameless sliding doors are an excellent option for separating this area of your home from the rest of the property.

Hanging balloons on the walls is a great way to add color and excitement to your party decor. Use mini clothespins, safety pins, or paper clips to secure the balloons on the string. You can even tie small pieces of ribbon in your party colors on the strings for a quick accent. Use this decoration idea to highlight a birthday cake or gift table.

Hang String Lights

You can add more light to a room by hanging string lights. Whether you opt for classic Christmas string lights, fairy lights or something more colorful like galaxy projectors, these add a warm glow to the room that sets a party mood.

Use damage-free hanging hooks or zip ties, such as those made by Kable Kontrol, to hang the lights on your walls or ceiling. Some of these are designed to support even the heaviest of lights without leaving a mark.

For a more relaxed look, let the lights dangle from their mounting location rather than pulling them tight. If you have a popcorn ceiling, you might want to select a different mounting method such as clips that nail into the ceiling. This will help prevent them from causing a tripping hazard to guests as they walk through the room.

Use Candles

Candles can brighten any space and add an inviting scent. They can also create a mood in a room, with certain scents creating an atmosphere of romance and others adding energy or calmness.

Keep in mind that candles are a fire hazard and should be used carefully. They should always be placed in a sturdy candleholder, which is made of metal or glass. Also, be sure that the flame is not in a draft.

For a unique effect, try grouping several plain candles together and binding them with ribbon. Or, find an old saucer or a flowerpot to use as a unique candleholder. Choose a variety of colors for taper candles to create an appealing display. Candles are also available in a variety of shapes.

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