How to Decorate a Party Room in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

A party room game idea is a location in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. It is accessed through Lina’s child library.

The Party Room is a fun place to hold a costume party. Guests can also relax with cocktails or food in the room. If you have a large party, consider adding multiple buffet lines and drink stations.

Decorate the Walls

With so many details to take care of in planning a party, the decorations can sometimes get overlooked. However, they can have a big impact on the mood of the room and help to set the theme.

Use framed photos or artwork that tie in with the party’s theme to decorate the walls. For example, hang baby photos for a baby shower or movie posters for a Hollywood theme.

Consider using crepe paper to add a festive touch to the walls. Keep the paper straight or twist it as you hang it to give it a spiraled look.

You can also use paper streamers or balloons to create a festive display on the ceiling. Opt for a color that blends well with the rest of the decor and doesn’t compete with it too much.

Hang Photos or Artwork

A grouping of pictures creates a cozy ambiance and a great conversation piece. Try experimenting with different picture grouping ideas to design an aesthetic that suits your style. The standard rule is to hang the center of artwork 57-60” from the floor, also known as the “magic number.” Before hanging any nails or hooks, tape printed pictures to the wall and move them around until the arrangement suits your taste. If you have tall or soaring ceilings, go for larger pictures to match the height of the space.

Hang Streamers

Streamers are one of the most inexpensive decorations that add big impact to any space. They can make a quick and easy backdrop for pictures, create a focal point on the ceiling, decorate buffet tables and adorn chairs. They come in a variety of colors to complement any theme and can be easily used again for other events.

To hang streamers, begin by unrolling the paper and cutting it to a length that can reach from the center of your room to an outside wall. It’s best to overestimate this length so you can trim it later.

Layer several different colors of crepe paper streamers together and fasten them to themselves with zip/cable ties or adhesive hooks. Then hang the layered streamers over a dowel or rod. For a fancy effect, finish the ends with gold curling ribbon. This is a simple way to create a cheap but fancy looking tassel garland for your party.

Decorate the Ceiling

Many homeowners opt to have a special room in their homes for hosting parties. These rooms are often referred to as recreation rooms, gathering areas, living rooms or additional dens. Whatever function the party room game idea will have in your home, the interior design of the space is important to ensure that it fits your family’s lifestyle and will work well for entertaining guests.

Choosing ceiling decor is an easy way to transform your room and add a dramatic effect to any event. Ceiling decorations come in a variety of colors and shapes to fit any theme and are easy to hang.

To create a ceiling of gossamer fabric, measure the height of one wall in your party room and cut several pieces of gossamer fabric a few feet longer than the measurement. Tack the gossamer to the ceiling in one corner of the room, overlapping each piece slightly as you tack them. Repeat this process until the entire ceiling is covered.

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