How to Decorate a Party Room

The kids party game idea is a small, enclosed room where birthday parties appear to be held at the rebuilt Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza location. It is the first room in the game that the player must enter.

A well-designed home party room can help you entertain in style. Movable furniture makes it easy to shift arrangements based on the theme of the party or number of guests.

Decorate the Walls

Using decorations to set the mood for a party room can be an exciting challenge. The color of the wall, the curtains, and even the table cloths can influence how a party is perceived and celebrated.

Consider a large piece of art to anchor your space. The bigger it is, the more impact it will have. This works especially well for spaces that are lacking in furniture or have neutral palettes that can be made pop with a bold painting.

Hang photos that fit your theme. You could hang family photos to celebrate an anniversary, baby photos for a birthday, or photos of movie stars for a Hollywood theme. You can use framed photographs or simply string up ribbon to hold photos on the wall. Providing a place for your guests to put their cigarette butts helps to cut down on the mess of emptying trash cans throughout the night. Decorative butt buckets are a fun addition to any party space.

Add Balloons and String Lights

Decorate the walls of your Party Room with balloons, string lights and other decorations to create a fun and festive ambiance for your guests. Keep in mind that some venues prohibit the use of certain items, such as confetti and glitter, so check with your venue before adding those types of decorations to your space.

Add more color to your party with LED balloon lights, which fit inside latex balloons before they’re inflated and glow for up to 8 hours. Gather a bunch of these colorful balloons together and tie them with tape to create an eye-catching flower that matches your party’s theme.

Hang a circle of multi colored mini lights from the ceiling for a pinata and to create a fun focal point for your Party Room. You can also use double-sided tape or command hooks to hang photos and other decorative items without risking damaging your walls. You can even create a photo mural to make a bold statement on the wall.

Hang Photos

Use a piece of tape that’s slightly shorter than the desired length of a photo to mark where you want it on the wall. Then, apply the longer piece of tape to the wall using your marks as a guide and hammer two nails into the wall above the marked spots.

Use photos that fit the party theme to decorate the walls, such as wedding or graduation photos for an anniversary party or baby pictures for a birthday party. You can also create a framed cluster of photos for an eye-catching display.

Add a whimsical touch to your party room with a colorful photo balloon bouquet. This creative decoration is an inexpensive and fun way to show off memorable photos.

Decorate the Floor

Many homeowners build or remodel their homes to incorporate a dedicated party room. Whether the space is used as a dining room, recreation area or additional den, there are a number of creative additions you can make to give it a special look. Choose the right flooring, rugs and draperies to complement or blend with a variety of party colors and themes. The ceiling height is also very important to consider; a standard ceiling height may feel small and claustrophobic in a large crowd, while cathedral, sloped or tray (also called trey) ceilings can add elegance to the space.

Provide convenient trash receptacles to keep the area clean and cut down on cleanup. Decorate the buffet and drink stations with a touch of glitz by wrapping serving platters with tinsel or placing candles in decorative glass jars.

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